Different Types Of Termite Treatments

Termites are the most common pests and cause a billion dollars of damage to properties, every year. Though these tiny insects feed on the wood but paper, insulation’s and other cellulose containing materials are also at danger. No only that, they are also harmful to the shrubs and trees, especially the ones who are already in decline. Here we would like to remind you that it is not only the monetary impact that they make, but they can also lead to the allergies and infections. So, before the condition goes out of control, you must look for the termite inspection and control.


When it comes to termite treatments Brisbane, different methods are used depending on the extent of the termite activity. Though most of the people prefer dealing with the problem themselves, by using natural termite control techniques, but it is highly recommended to seek professionals’ help. No doubt these methods are also effective but you may not have the knowledge of using them the right way. So, in order to ensure the proper control and treatment, you must prefer seeking professionals’ help.

Termite treatments used by the professionals

There are mainly two types of treatments that are used for controlling and eradicating termites. And these types encompass different methods.

  • Non-Chemical Treatments

    It is an explanatory term; the treatments which do not involve the use of insecticides are known as non-chemical treatments. The common non-chemical treatments are:

    – Heat Treatment

    – Extreme Cold Treatment

    – Electronic Methods

  • Chemical Treatments

    Treatments that involve the use of chemicals are called chemical treatments and the pesticides which are used for the treatment and prevention of the termites are called termiticides. The common treatments that come under this category are:

    – Liquid Termiticides applied with the soil

    – Termite Baits

    – Wood Treatments

    – Using termiticides with building material

Furthermore, the non-chemical methods are successful for the minor infestations only; in most of the cases, you need to employ chemical methods. Another worth noticing factor is as maximum pesticides are harmful to the humans and need to be used cautiously (in recommended amounts), the chemical treatments can be properly performed only by the professionals.

The termite control professionals not only have the required knowledge and experience but they also have the advanced equipment to ensure right application of the termiticides. Whether it is the clear termite tracks or the invisible termite activity, professionals are well aware by the right techniques to control and treat them. If you are worried about the costs then let us make you know that the costs are much less than the expenses that would be spent on the repairs.

If you are looking for the termite treatments Brisbane, then Dunrite is the name you can trust. It is a reputable pest control company that takes pride in delivering the pest inspection, control and treatment services at just affordable rates.


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