Borescope Inspection and Different Treatment Options For Termites

If you think that after getting your home constructed properly, your responsibilities end, you are wrong. Actually, it is the time when your responsibilities begin as you need to ensure the proper cleanliness and maintenance of everything in your house. Among the various maintenance tasks, protecting your home from pests and termites is one of the top priorities. Treatment and recovery are not possible in most of the termite damage cases, so you need to be careful from the beginning.

borescope for termites inspection

If you want to save your house from termites, then you must get it inspected by the professionals so that the termite activity would be inspected before they cause irreparable damage to the property. However, when it comes to the termite inspection, there are different ways that would let you inspect the termite activity. Borescope inspection is one of the best ways as it allows you to detect the termite infestation deep in the wall.

What is borescope inspection?

In the borescope inspection, a 6mm hole is made in the wall to detect the pest infestation. Then, an optic fibre borescope, that has an eyepiece on one end, is inserted in this hole to detect the termite activity. Though it is little invasive but is less invasive than the inspection method where you need to remove the walls.

However, the borescope inspection lets you know whether the termites are present in the walls or not; it does not let you know the extent of the infestation. So, in order to get the accurate results, right estimation of the points should be done where the holes will be made.

The most important benefit of the borescope inspection is that it lets you know about the termite activity at its initial stage and enables you to implement right treatment methods for its control. Once you have discovered the termite presence in the walls, you can check the extent of their infestation with further methodologies and can consult with the professionals for the most effective treatment.

Treatment options for termites

Depending on the infestation and the location of the termites, the treatment method varies. Here we are going to tell you the different termite control and treatment options.

  • Termiticide treatment

  • Baiting systems

  • Wood treatments

  • Heat treatments

  • Electronic control methods

  • Extreme cold treatment

  • And some more

Furthermore, when it comes to the termite treatment, you should always rely on the professional experts. Though the things seem easy to implement that not the reality. As chemicals need to be used in most of the cases, it is highly essential to use them in the proper amounts so that they won’t do harm to you. And termite control professionals are well aware and experienced with such things. Their expertise lets them bring the effective results without doing any harm to the human health. So, rather than implementing the wrong techniques and worsening the situation, you must hire professionals for the termite treatment.


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