Keep Your Home Protected By Seeking Professional Pest Inspection Services

Talking about the pest types, termites are the most common type of pests that are found in the buildings. Whether it a residential building or an office, if it is made of wooden material and the cellulose containing material then it is at the risk of termite infestation. And once attacked by the termites, though you would be able to eradicate them completely but preventing your property from the future termite attacks would be difficult.

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So, in order to make sure that your property is free from the termites and the other kinds of pests, you must get it regularly inspected by the professionals. Unlike other pests, termites are not visible; you can see the insects, rats and other pests wandering here and there in your home but termites are of a different kind. They attack the material from inside by making their routes from the points that may not be accessible to you. As a result of this, you don’t get to know about them until the damage done by them gets visible to you.

Furthermore, there are a number of ways utilized for pest inspection in Brisbane and these ways vary as per the type of pests. For an instance, the techniques of insect inspection are different from the termite inspection techniques. And if you are thinking to do the inspection yourself, let’s make you know that detecting termites’ infestation is not a piece of cake. There are special strategies for that and to implement those strategies you not only need to be aware of their right procedure but you should also have the required equipment for that.

As the termite activity inside the walls and other building parts cannot be noticed with a naked eye, infrared cameras and borescope like instruments are used for that. We are sure that you would not be having these instruments and also, purchasing them would be a bad idea due to two main reasons. First reason is you would not get the value for money as you would not need to use them too often. Secondly, being new to the equipment, you would not be able to use it in the right way. Therefore, rather than wasting your money on the purchase of the expensive equipment, you must prefer hiring professional services for pest inspection, Brisbane.

That’s not the end; there are some other reasons for seeking professionals’ help. These reasons include experience, knowledge, safety measures, preventive measures and more. They will not only inspect your property for the pests but will also recommend you the best solutions and the preventive measures for future. And if you are looking for such a company in Brisbane, you can rely on DunRite for the accurate inspection of your property. They are experts in the pest inspection and pest control strategies. They use special inspection methods for detecting the presence of termites and special timber treatment methods for the complete extermination of the termites.


Things You Can Do To Control Termite Activity in Your House

Though the termites are not much harmful to the human health but still, you should not underestimate them. Among all the pests you can encounter in your house, termites can cause the maximum damage to the property. In order to keep them at bay from your property, you don’t only need to implement the preventive treatments but also you should get your house inspected regularly for the termite activity. And the professional companies offering services for pest inspections in Brisbane can help you with that.

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You would be surprised to know that the termites are known for causing more damage to the property than the damage caused by the floods and storms. Also, as the termite damage is not included in the insurance policies, it is a significant risk to your house. So, in order to avoid the termite infestation in your home, you should consult professionals for pest inspections and the timely control solutions.

Termite Control

The first thing that you can do is taking the pre-construction and post-construction measures. You should ensure the required protection for your home by implementing the different soil and wood treatment. Your responsibility does not end there; you also need to maintain the barriers that you have put for the termites and should renew them whenever required. In addition, as mentioned above, you must seek the help from the companies for termite or pest inspections in Brisbane.

Also, you should avoid covering the treated soil with the untreated and removing the treated soil, from the perimeter of your house. You should repair the equipment from which the water is leaking and should keep the untreated timber off the ground.


When it comes to the termite treatment, a number of solutions are available but which of these solutions would be perfect for your property depends on a number of factors like the extent of termite activity, the type of building construction, termite routes and more. To know the right pest control treatment for you, you must consult the professionals as they would determine the damage that has already occurred, the possible risk to the property and then would recommend you the solution that would be relevant as per your situation.

All the termite treatments in Brisbane come under the two main categories: chemical treatments and the non-chemical treatments. Though non-chemical treatments are also effective in some situations, but if the damage is severe, chemical treatment is the only possible solution in that case. But as these chemicals are harmful to the human health, they should always be used in a limited amount and under control.

Also, as the professionals have the experience and knowledge of dealing with the problem, they can ensure the complete eradication of termites from your property. Your money spent on the professional services will go worth as the experts will not only implement the treatment right way but will also give you the tips for avoiding the termite infestation in future.