Techniques To Ensure Thorough Inspection Of The Termites

While talking about the most dangerous type of pests, termites come on the top of the list. Though wood is the main source on which they feed but every material that contains cellulose attracts them. Termites always attack your property from the points with no or very little access and thus, you don’t get to know when they enter your house and start ruining your property.

Termite Detection Device1

Most of the times, you get to know about termites’ presence when it’s too late to protect your property from damage. In such a case, the damage cannot be fixed through the repairs, only replacement is the solution. So, in order to prevent the large expenses and to keep your house in the tip-top condition, you need to get your house inspected on the regular basis. In this write-up, we are going to mention the different ways that are used for termite inspection in Brisbane.

  • Termite Tracking Systems

    The termite tracking systems are based on the microwave technology and are used to detect the presence of subterranean termites. In this technique, there is no need to cut squares in your walls; instead, a microwave beam is used to detect the termites inside the wood. When the beam is directed on the wood, it is interrupted when the termites pass through that area. It indicates you about the presence of the termites.

  • Moisture Meters

    As the name depicts, in this technique, moisture meters are used to detect the moisture on different surfaces. The moisture meters ensure that there are no damp spots on the wooden walls. In the case, the moisture at a surface is found susceptible for the presence of termites, further techniques are used to inspect that area. In general, the moisture meters give you an idea of the locations where termites can be present.

  • Borescope

    Borescope inspection is one of the most preferred way of termite inspection. It lets you know about the presence of termites deep inside the wood. A small hole (about 6mm) is drilled into the wall and an optic fiber Borescope is inserted into that hole to detect if there are termites. However, borescope needs to be inserted at the right point for the accurate inspection.

  • Infra Red Wall Cameras

    Once your home is attacked by the termites, even the small cavities can attract them again. Infra Red wall cameras is the perfect technique used for termite inspections in Brisbane that lets you ensure that your house is safe from termites. It lets you detect even the smallest cavities that can become a route for termites.

However, as the special equipment’s are used in all these techniques, the task of termite inspection should be left to the professionals only. And if you are looking for a professional company that would help you with these termite inspection techniques, you can trust Dunrite for the affordable and satisfactory services.


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