Techniques To Ensure Thorough Inspection Of The Termites

While talking about the most dangerous type of pests, termites come on the top of the list. Though wood is the main source on which they feed but every material that contains cellulose attracts them. Termites always attack your property from the points with no or very little access and thus, you don’t get to know when they enter your house and start ruining your property.

Termite Detection Device1

Most of the times, you get to know about termites’ presence when it’s too late to protect your property from damage. In such a case, the damage cannot be fixed through the repairs, only replacement is the solution. So, in order to prevent the large expenses and to keep your house in the tip-top condition, you need to get your house inspected on the regular basis. In this write-up, we are going to mention the different ways that are used for termite inspection in Brisbane.

  • Termite Tracking Systems

    The termite tracking systems are based on the microwave technology and are used to detect the presence of subterranean termites. In this technique, there is no need to cut squares in your walls; instead, a microwave beam is used to detect the termites inside the wood. When the beam is directed on the wood, it is interrupted when the termites pass through that area. It indicates you about the presence of the termites.

  • Moisture Meters

    As the name depicts, in this technique, moisture meters are used to detect the moisture on different surfaces. The moisture meters ensure that there are no damp spots on the wooden walls. In the case, the moisture at a surface is found susceptible for the presence of termites, further techniques are used to inspect that area. In general, the moisture meters give you an idea of the locations where termites can be present.

  • Borescope

    Borescope inspection is one of the most preferred way of termite inspection. It lets you know about the presence of termites deep inside the wood. A small hole (about 6mm) is drilled into the wall and an optic fiber Borescope is inserted into that hole to detect if there are termites. However, borescope needs to be inserted at the right point for the accurate inspection.

  • Infra Red Wall Cameras

    Once your home is attacked by the termites, even the small cavities can attract them again. Infra Red wall cameras is the perfect technique used for termite inspections in Brisbane that lets you ensure that your house is safe from termites. It lets you detect even the smallest cavities that can become a route for termites.

However, as the special equipment’s are used in all these techniques, the task of termite inspection should be left to the professionals only. And if you are looking for a professional company that would help you with these termite inspection techniques, you can trust Dunrite for the affordable and satisfactory services.


Keep Your Home Protected By Seeking Professional Pest Inspection Services

Talking about the pest types, termites are the most common type of pests that are found in the buildings. Whether it a residential building or an office, if it is made of wooden material and the cellulose containing material then it is at the risk of termite infestation. And once attacked by the termites, though you would be able to eradicate them completely but preventing your property from the future termite attacks would be difficult.

Pest Control Worker Spraying Pesticides

So, in order to make sure that your property is free from the termites and the other kinds of pests, you must get it regularly inspected by the professionals. Unlike other pests, termites are not visible; you can see the insects, rats and other pests wandering here and there in your home but termites are of a different kind. They attack the material from inside by making their routes from the points that may not be accessible to you. As a result of this, you don’t get to know about them until the damage done by them gets visible to you.

Furthermore, there are a number of ways utilized for pest inspection in Brisbane and these ways vary as per the type of pests. For an instance, the techniques of insect inspection are different from the termite inspection techniques. And if you are thinking to do the inspection yourself, let’s make you know that detecting termites’ infestation is not a piece of cake. There are special strategies for that and to implement those strategies you not only need to be aware of their right procedure but you should also have the required equipment for that.

As the termite activity inside the walls and other building parts cannot be noticed with a naked eye, infrared cameras and borescope like instruments are used for that. We are sure that you would not be having these instruments and also, purchasing them would be a bad idea due to two main reasons. First reason is you would not get the value for money as you would not need to use them too often. Secondly, being new to the equipment, you would not be able to use it in the right way. Therefore, rather than wasting your money on the purchase of the expensive equipment, you must prefer hiring professional services for pest inspection, Brisbane.

That’s not the end; there are some other reasons for seeking professionals’ help. These reasons include experience, knowledge, safety measures, preventive measures and more. They will not only inspect your property for the pests but will also recommend you the best solutions and the preventive measures for future. And if you are looking for such a company in Brisbane, you can rely on DunRite for the accurate inspection of your property. They are experts in the pest inspection and pest control strategies. They use special inspection methods for detecting the presence of termites and special timber treatment methods for the complete extermination of the termites.

Things You Can Do To Control Termite Activity in Your House

Though the termites are not much harmful to the human health but still, you should not underestimate them. Among all the pests you can encounter in your house, termites can cause the maximum damage to the property. In order to keep them at bay from your property, you don’t only need to implement the preventive treatments but also you should get your house inspected regularly for the termite activity. And the professional companies offering services for pest inspections in Brisbane can help you with that.

termite treatments2

You would be surprised to know that the termites are known for causing more damage to the property than the damage caused by the floods and storms. Also, as the termite damage is not included in the insurance policies, it is a significant risk to your house. So, in order to avoid the termite infestation in your home, you should consult professionals for pest inspections and the timely control solutions.

Termite Control

The first thing that you can do is taking the pre-construction and post-construction measures. You should ensure the required protection for your home by implementing the different soil and wood treatment. Your responsibility does not end there; you also need to maintain the barriers that you have put for the termites and should renew them whenever required. In addition, as mentioned above, you must seek the help from the companies for termite or pest inspections in Brisbane.

Also, you should avoid covering the treated soil with the untreated and removing the treated soil, from the perimeter of your house. You should repair the equipment from which the water is leaking and should keep the untreated timber off the ground.


When it comes to the termite treatment, a number of solutions are available but which of these solutions would be perfect for your property depends on a number of factors like the extent of termite activity, the type of building construction, termite routes and more. To know the right pest control treatment for you, you must consult the professionals as they would determine the damage that has already occurred, the possible risk to the property and then would recommend you the solution that would be relevant as per your situation.

All the termite treatments in Brisbane come under the two main categories: chemical treatments and the non-chemical treatments. Though non-chemical treatments are also effective in some situations, but if the damage is severe, chemical treatment is the only possible solution in that case. But as these chemicals are harmful to the human health, they should always be used in a limited amount and under control.

Also, as the professionals have the experience and knowledge of dealing with the problem, they can ensure the complete eradication of termites from your property. Your money spent on the professional services will go worth as the experts will not only implement the treatment right way but will also give you the tips for avoiding the termite infestation in future.

Borescope Inspection and Different Treatment Options For Termites

If you think that after getting your home constructed properly, your responsibilities end, you are wrong. Actually, it is the time when your responsibilities begin as you need to ensure the proper cleanliness and maintenance of everything in your house. Among the various maintenance tasks, protecting your home from pests and termites is one of the top priorities. Treatment and recovery are not possible in most of the termite damage cases, so you need to be careful from the beginning.

borescope for termites inspection

If you want to save your house from termites, then you must get it inspected by the professionals so that the termite activity would be inspected before they cause irreparable damage to the property. However, when it comes to the termite inspection, there are different ways that would let you inspect the termite activity. Borescope inspection is one of the best ways as it allows you to detect the termite infestation deep in the wall.

What is borescope inspection?

In the borescope inspection, a 6mm hole is made in the wall to detect the pest infestation. Then, an optic fibre borescope, that has an eyepiece on one end, is inserted in this hole to detect the termite activity. Though it is little invasive but is less invasive than the inspection method where you need to remove the walls.

However, the borescope inspection lets you know whether the termites are present in the walls or not; it does not let you know the extent of the infestation. So, in order to get the accurate results, right estimation of the points should be done where the holes will be made.

The most important benefit of the borescope inspection is that it lets you know about the termite activity at its initial stage and enables you to implement right treatment methods for its control. Once you have discovered the termite presence in the walls, you can check the extent of their infestation with further methodologies and can consult with the professionals for the most effective treatment.

Treatment options for termites

Depending on the infestation and the location of the termites, the treatment method varies. Here we are going to tell you the different termite control and treatment options.

  • Termiticide treatment

  • Baiting systems

  • Wood treatments

  • Heat treatments

  • Electronic control methods

  • Extreme cold treatment

  • And some more

Furthermore, when it comes to the termite treatment, you should always rely on the professional experts. Though the things seem easy to implement that not the reality. As chemicals need to be used in most of the cases, it is highly essential to use them in the proper amounts so that they won’t do harm to you. And termite control professionals are well aware and experienced with such things. Their expertise lets them bring the effective results without doing any harm to the human health. So, rather than implementing the wrong techniques and worsening the situation, you must hire professionals for the termite treatment.

Different Types Of Termite Treatments

Termites are the most common pests and cause a billion dollars of damage to properties, every year. Though these tiny insects feed on the wood but paper, insulation’s and other cellulose containing materials are also at danger. No only that, they are also harmful to the shrubs and trees, especially the ones who are already in decline. Here we would like to remind you that it is not only the monetary impact that they make, but they can also lead to the allergies and infections. So, before the condition goes out of control, you must look for the termite inspection and control.


When it comes to termite treatments Brisbane, different methods are used depending on the extent of the termite activity. Though most of the people prefer dealing with the problem themselves, by using natural termite control techniques, but it is highly recommended to seek professionals’ help. No doubt these methods are also effective but you may not have the knowledge of using them the right way. So, in order to ensure the proper control and treatment, you must prefer seeking professionals’ help.

Termite treatments used by the professionals

There are mainly two types of treatments that are used for controlling and eradicating termites. And these types encompass different methods.

  • Non-Chemical Treatments

    It is an explanatory term; the treatments which do not involve the use of insecticides are known as non-chemical treatments. The common non-chemical treatments are:

    – Heat Treatment

    – Extreme Cold Treatment

    – Electronic Methods

  • Chemical Treatments

    Treatments that involve the use of chemicals are called chemical treatments and the pesticides which are used for the treatment and prevention of the termites are called termiticides. The common treatments that come under this category are:

    – Liquid Termiticides applied with the soil

    – Termite Baits

    – Wood Treatments

    – Using termiticides with building material

Furthermore, the non-chemical methods are successful for the minor infestations only; in most of the cases, you need to employ chemical methods. Another worth noticing factor is as maximum pesticides are harmful to the humans and need to be used cautiously (in recommended amounts), the chemical treatments can be properly performed only by the professionals.

The termite control professionals not only have the required knowledge and experience but they also have the advanced equipment to ensure right application of the termiticides. Whether it is the clear termite tracks or the invisible termite activity, professionals are well aware by the right techniques to control and treat them. If you are worried about the costs then let us make you know that the costs are much less than the expenses that would be spent on the repairs.

If you are looking for the termite treatments Brisbane, then Dunrite is the name you can trust. It is a reputable pest control company that takes pride in delivering the pest inspection, control and treatment services at just affordable rates.

How It Is Best To Hire Professionals For Termite Pest Control?

Termites date back to over 120 million years and are still a major problem for the homeowners. They are also known as “silent destroyers” as they chew through wooden and cellulose containing materials, unnoticeably. You will be surprised to know that damage costing over $5 billion is done by termites, every year and the repairing costs are much high to be covered in insurance policies. So, in order to protect your home from termites, prevent expensive repairs and ensure longer life span of your property, you should be vigilant about termite control and extermination.

Termite or white ants

However, when it comes to termite treatments or inspection, then DIY (Do It Yourself) is just a half-way measure as in most of the cases, it does not ensure complete eradication of termites. Rather than wasting your time and efforts on the termite control process (which would not deliver effective results), you must consider hiring a professional company for termite pest control Brisbane. Still confused? Here are the reasons for relying on professional experts.

  • Expertise

    Termite control and treatment options depend on the extent of termite infestation. It can be just a repellent that is required for treatment or it can be the big solutions like bating and fumigation that would be required to deal with the issues. As professionals have detailed knowledge about the termite control solutions, they would help you choose the most effective one.

  • Regular inspection and maintenance

    Things can go out of control easily, in the case, there is termite activity. It is the case where professionals can help you as they will carry out the termite inspection time to time and implement quick solutions to control the problem. Regular inspection and maintenance done by them will ensure that your property is in the tip-top condition.

  • Proactive solutions

    When you will hire a reputed agency for termite control, they will implement the best proactive solutions to safeguard your property against termite activity. It can be the use of repellents, pre-construction termite control materials or any other solution that would be implemented to keep termites at bay.

  • Safety

    The pesticides and other products used for the termite control and treatment are hazardous to health. The results can be serious if they are used improperly. As professionals are aware of these effects and know safety measure to prevent them, they can ensure complete safety for your family members and also, for the property.

  • Cost effectiveness

    Cost-effectiveness is also an important reason for hiring professionals. By ensuring the complete extermination and future control of the termites, professionals will help you save money that otherwise, you would be spending on repairs. The fee of professionals is much less than the repair costs.

Now, you must be clear that why it is best to seek professionals’ help for termite pest control in Brisbane. They will not only help you get rid of stress caused due to the termites but will also save a lot of your time that you can spend on other important tasks.